Welcome to the official website of the Jabalpur Divisional Ophthalmic Society


The J.D.O.S. web site was inaugurated in the hands of our Respected, Dear and Beloved Professor Emeritus Dr. R. K. Mishra on the 30th of May, 2004 at a regular meeting of the society in Hotel Krishna.

This web site is now available as a link through the AIOS (All India Ophthalmic Society)  website as well as the MPSOS (Madhya Pradesh State Ophthalmic Society).

Activities of JDOS

Jabalpur Divisional Ophthalmic Society has been holding monthly meetings with the purpose of :-

  1. CME (continuing medical education) in the form of case presentations, group discussions and of late, didactic lectures by members. Guest lectures from different faculties of medicine have also been invited in the past to speak on various topics of mutual interest.
  2. Holding State conferences by rotation as decided by the Madhya Pradesh State Ophthalmological Society.
  3. Holding symposia, instruction courses, etc.
  4. Family get togethers, picnics, etc.